Colostrum Capsules

Colostrum Capsules

Colostrum Capsules – 350 mg & 500 mg


  • For maximum immune system benefit, the goal is to have Colostrum reach the small intestinal tract where it does its work
  • Best Colostrum Capsules contain factors that protect it from stomach acids
  • Research indicates that those seeking growth factor advantages (burning fat, increasing lean muscle, anti-aging) may benefit further from taking Colostrum in loose powder
  • Taking Colostrum in capsule form provides a quicker route to the intestinal tract, where Colostrum works best to help strengthen immunity by restoring and rejuvenating the GI tract.

Suggested Use:

Pack Size:

  • Available in Pack of 30’s, 60’s, 90’s, 120’s Capsule bottle.
  • Available in 10 x 6 and 10 x 10 Blister Pack